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Communal Cremation

Keeping the memory of your pet close to your heart, a communal cremation offers both peace of mind and solace. With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets.

When the cremation process is complete, the communal cremated remains are collected and will be spread on a private country meadow outside Truro, Nova Scotia.

Pet’s Weight    Price

under 2 lbs    $55

2-19 lbs          $90

20-39 lbs       $105

40-59 lbs       $125

60-79 lbs        $160

80-99 lbs         $200

100-124 lbs     $225

125-149 lbs       $250

150+ lbs $250 plus a surcharge of $1.50/lb

Office Hours / Visits By Appointment Only

Monday through Friday            8 am - 8 pm (call)
        10 am - 2 pm (call)
Sunday                                    10 am - 2 pm  (call)

Home and veterinary hospital removal services are offered 7 days a week

( See office hours/subject to staff availability)


Please Note:  All arrangements made at a Veterinary Hospital that partners

with Metro Pet Crematory must be made via the hospital.

Additional Services

Veterinary Hospital Removal: $0 (complimentary)

* Please note: When arranging removal from a veterinary hospital that partners

with our company, all services must be arranged via the hospital.

 Residential Removal: $85 (Greater HRM) + cremation fee

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