Individual Equine Cremation Service

Metro Pet Crematory now has the ability to cremate horses up to 1500lbs in our first-of-its kind equine crematory. Working with our crematory designer, our crematory was designed from the ground up to be able to perform cremations for horses the same way as they are performed for people, employing our always high standards. We also have the ability to provide gentle removal.  Onsite equipment allows for the gentle handling and loading of your beloved horse into our crematory unit.

If you are interested in or in need of our horse cremation services, please contact us at your convenience. We will be unable to provide our services if we are not notified in advance of or immediately following (within 8 hours) of your horse passing. Prompt notification is necessary in order to ensure your horse’s dignity is maintained. Please call for details before needing the service


Private Horse Cremation

Each horse is cremated alone in the crematory. No other animals are present during the process. The cremated remains are then retrieved, processed, and returned to the owner in a complimentary pedestal urn. The fee is $1,875 for any size horse up to 1,500 lb.

Includes transportation (weather permitted & equipment availability) within 60 km round trip of B4E3C5 and a pedestal Urn. $1.60/km after 60 kilometers round trip. Owner is responsible for arranging stall removal. We require clear access to back our enclosed trailer. There is an additional charge of $250 for pick ups that must take place outside the hours of 9AM-5PM and after 2pm on Saturdays.  Extra fee will also apply on Sundays and Holidays.

It is beneficial for you to call and confirm
all details prior to needing the service.